About me

Natali is a Lebanese-Spanish artist, whose academic degrees in graphics design, fine arts, and painting have significantly influenced the photographer she is today.

The baby steps of Natali’s photographical journey began at university, during her first photography class. At the time, she was drawn to the impact of street photography on the artist and the viewer. She would capture the candid and raw expressions of strangers on streets, oftentimes beggars, who had gone through struggles. Her art would begin by sitting and speaking with them, and sometimes offering food, using her camera to capture the expression on their faces.

After completing her Bachelor’s of Arts in graphics design, Natali’s excitement for photography was put on the shelf after her camera was stolen. She instead took to painting, realizing she was drawn to native art whilst traveling around the world with her family. Captivated by vivid colors and pigments, Natali would spend her leisure time sketching and creating mementos from her worldly journeys. And yet, although she enjoyed sketching and painting, she quickly came to the honest conclusion that this medium was not fulfilling or completing her desires for creative expression.

Natali’s interests in photography re-awakened while assisting in styling a jewelry photoshoot. She realized that she did want to ignite this dormant passion within her back into life.

Thus, she embarked on a new path of growth and training in various photography workshops in Lebanon and London. With her new skills and capabilities, Natali was intrigued by the world of photography, and began capturing with her camera unique moments that would be timeless memories afterwards.

She was drawn towards warm and emotive expressions of adults and children. To her, every photograph has a story to tell, and every smile creates an endless memory for generations to come. Natali’s love for photography stems from her ability to visualize and encapsulate timeless moments, warm smiles, and expressions. After many years of experimenting with various fields in photography, from family and baby portraits, to landscape and street photography, Natali has most recently re-ignited her passion for food through the art of food styling and photographing culinary dishes for restaurants and pastries in Lebanon.

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